This is a selection of the work I have done in the last three decades.


(GE = German; EN = English; FR = French; SP = Spanish; RU = Russian; CZ = Czech)



Subtitels for film and TV


Einfach leben, documentary by Hans Haldimann, 2016:

translation Swiss-GE > EN


Five Days to Dance, documentary, SUICAfilms (AdaLin), 2015:

translation EN/SP > GE  (


Petra, documentary, SRG (AdaLin): 2013:

translation GE > EN


Weiterleben, documentary by Hans Haldimann, 2012:

translation GE > EN


Bon Vent Claude Goretta, documentary by Lionel Baier (AdaLin), 2011:

translation FR > GE


Sherpas - die wahren Helden des Mount Everest, documentary by Frank Senn (AdaLin), 2010:  
translation GE > EN


Madly in Love, feature film by Anna Luif, 2009:

translation GE > EN


China jetzt, documentary by Beat Häner (AdaLin), 2006:

translation GE > EN


Die Einweicher, documentary by Romana Lanfranconi, 2006:

translation GE > EN (in collaboration with Chris Ricketts)


Accordion Tribe, documentary by Stefan Schwietert, 2005:

translation GE > EN


Wintersong, documentary by Pascal Hofmann/Benny Jaberg, 2005:

translation EN > DE


Little Girl Blue, feature film by Anna Luif, 2003: 

translation DE > EN




Voice-over for film and television


Absturz in eisigen Höhen, documentary by Hari Thapa (AdaLin), 2011:

translation EN > GE


Commentaries for Charlie Chaplin films for Zauberlaterne, 2005:

translation FR > GE




Voice-over for radio


Interview with Luz (Charlie Hebdo) for Swiss radio, 2015:

translation FR > GE



Film projects


The Saint of the Impossible, feature length script by Lani-rain Feltham and Marc Wilkins,

 for Dschoint Ventschr, 2016:

translation EN > GE


Iraqi Odyssee, treatment for documentary by Samir, Dschoint Ventschr, 2013:

translation EN > GE


Outside, feature film by Matt Danciger, USA, 1994:
Creative input for this film that won the Student Academy Award 1994
(Directors Guild of America Student Award) 



Surtitels for theater in Switzerland and France


Short plays for Tamara theater group, Vibrac (Charente), 2008/09:

translation FR > EN, incl. live projection


DELIRIUM; RANDOM; ID for PLASMA, Zürich, 2006-09:

translation DE > EN


Hedda Gabler by Henrik Ibsen for Schaubühne Berlin, performances in Dublin and New York, 2006:

translation GE > EN


Der Parasit by Friedrich Schiller for Schauspielhaus Zürich (with D. Kapusta). 2006:

translation GE > EN


Ta main dans la mienne by Carole Rocamorra for Schauspielhaus Zürich (for D. Kapusta), 2005:

 proof-reading of the translation FR/RU > GE 



Theater plays


Star Fever by Pavel Dobrusky, kfm-Verlag 2010:

translation EN > GE in collaboration with Stéphanie Bindy

Beethoven'n'Pierrot by Pavel Dobrusky and Per-Olaf Sørensen, kfm-Verlag 2006:

translation EN > GE


Kirst by Klaus Haltmayer, kfm Verlag, 2001:

proof-reading EN/GE and publishing (Translator: Jürgen Brügger)


La tragédie comique by Bonfanti/Hunstad, 1998:

translation FR > GE (was accepted but not published)


Le Dindon by Georges Feydeau, for the Denver Center Theater Company as source text for
Jeffrey Hatcher and his adaptation One foot on the floor, 1996:

translation FR > EN


Le diable et le bon dieu, Theaterstück by Jean-Paul Sartre, for Pavel Dobrusky, 1996:
comparative analysis of the various versions FR – EN – GE – CZ

La tragédie comique vy Bonfanti/Hunstad, for Pavel Dobrusky as
source text for a Norwegian production at the ABC Theater, Oslo, 1995:

translation and comments FR > EN/CZ




Books and Literature


[in progress] (Original: Diving the Wrecks) by Magdalena Zschokke

translation EN > GE, Kameru Verlag, geplant für 2017


Pineau - La Passion Charentaise by Johnny Keggler
proof-reading and publishing of the translation, EN > FR, kfm-Verlag 2008


The 25th Hour (Original: Die 25. Stunde) by Katarina Madiovcik & Ruben Mullis 

translation GE > EN in collaboration with J. Keggler, Kameru Verlag 2001


Creative writing classes for beginners, Switzerland, 1999-2003:

teaching the basics of short story writing, in German